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Missing Teeth Replacements

When you lose a tooth or multiple teeth as an adult, it can be a little embarrassing, especially if it’s visible when you smile! But not to worry, replacing your missing teeth has never been easier at the hands of our trusted Kensington Dental Care professionals.

Missing teeth can lead to long-term dental complications, occasionally impacting existing teeth, creating eating difficulties and even affecting your facial appearance. Replace missing teeth and book an appointment today, by letting Kensington Dental Care look after you.

What Happens If I Have A Missing Tooth?

Whether you lose a single tooth or have multiple missing teeth, either by injury, disease or tooth decay, the actual bone around the missing tooth begins to weaken and deteriorate over time, resulting in your remaining adjacent teeth shifting into its place. This can negatively impact your overall dental health, natural teeth and gum tissue, resulting in discomfort, chewing imbalances and toothaches.

But at Kensington Dental Care, you can be assured that a dental professional will thoroughly examine your teeth, ensuring that your dental history is considered when creating various treatment options and solutions.

We take pride in helping our patients, which is why we use the most innovative Digital Smile Design technology, taking the time to show you a transformative before and after result for those considering filling an empty space.

We understand the consequences of a missing tooth, which is why we offer a broad range of solutions to suit every patient concern and budget.

3 Dental Options For Replacing Missing Teeth

The team at Kensington Dental Care understand what it’s like to have either one missing tooth or many teeth missing, that’s why we offer various tooth replacement options to suit every patient concern and budget.

Whether you’re after a temporary option, or other solutions such as partial dentures, full dentures, dental implants or a dental bridge, the team at Kensington Dental Care can’t wait to help you achieve your new beautiful smile! So, enquire today.

  • With dental bridges, an artificial tooth or teeth can be used to replace lost ones permanently and is typically made of porcelain, metal or a combination of the two. They are a great alternative to dentures and fit in well with your surrounding teeth.


  • In addition to replacing any number of missing teeth, removable dentures (false teeth) can also be used to fill in your mouth and face’s contours, which tend to indent when multiple teeth are missing, providing you with a natural look and feel.


  • Dental implants are perfect for those wanting a single or multiple tooth replacement that looks and feels just like a natural one. Dental implants are a long-term solution which allow you to chew, brush and smile without affecting your other teeth.

Talk to us about a missing tooth replacement.

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