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What We Treat

Fix Loose Dentures

Say Goodbye to Loose Denture

Do loose-fitting dentures leave you feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious? At Kensington Dental Care, we understand the frustration that comes with slipping dentures and embarrassing clicks. Loose dentures not only affect your confidence but can also lead to discomfort, including mouth sores and gum irritation, making eating a challenge.

As dentures age or if they don’t fit properly, they tend to become loose. If you’re experiencing this issue, our team of dental professionals are here to help. We’ll ensure you leave our clinic with secure dentures and a confident smile.


All-on-4™️ Treatment

Many of our patients turn to us when they’re tired of dealing with loose dentures or are seeking a comfortable, permanent alternative to partial or full dentures. Our All-on-4™️ treatment provides a fast and cost-efficient solution by replacing dentures with a set of teeth fixed in place using dental implants.

With just two implants in the front and two in the back, our All-on-4™️ treatment supports a full arch of new teeth. The titanium fixtures are placed directly into the upper and lower jawbone, ensuring stability and functionality.

If you leave loose dentures untreated for an extended period, you may experience discomfort and risk gum infections. Don’t let that happen. Reach out to Kensington Dental Care and enquire about our All-on-4™️ treatment. Regain the confidence to enjoy your meals and smile once more!


Regular Maintenance is Key

It’s entirely normal for dentures to become loose over time, whether they’re full or partial. Regular six-monthly appointments at Kensington Dental Care are essential for all denture wearers to ensure they receive the best care, fit and maintenance.

Don't endure the discomfort of loose-fitting dentures any longer.

Loose Denture Care

Missing teeth can cause the surrounding bone and gum tissue to shrink, affecting the fit of your dentures. Ill-fitting dentures can often be corrected, taking into account your dental health, remaining bone in the jaw, tissue condition, and the state of your current denture. However, everyday wear and tear can eventually necessitate a brand-new denture.


Options for Loose Fitting Dentures

Denture Reline

This short-term solution restores the proper fit and comfort of your full or partial dentures. Denture fit may change over time due to jawbone structure and gum tissue changes, and relining is a cost-effective way to address this issue.

Dental Implant

A long-term solution that provides added stability to gums experiencing bone resorption. Investing in an implant can outweigh the ongoing maintenance and discomfort caused by ill-fitting dentures. You may choose to enhance the fit of your existing dentures with one or more implants or opt for a completely new set if it better suits your needs.

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