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Kensington Dental Care

Our Story

Our Story

Kensington Dental Care was founded by Dr. Tom Moran in the 1980s, and has been providing top-quality dental services to Adelaide’s eastern suburbs for over three decades. Dr. Moran’s philosophy is that dental care is not just about teeth, but about building relationships with patients and providing personalized care to each individual.

After 30 years of building strong connections with his patients, Dr. Moran made the difficult decision to pass on his practice to the next generation. Drs. Nicholas Wood and Evan Jones shared Dr. Moran’s vision for a dental practice that provides exceptional care and an outstanding patient experience.


Continuing a Tradition of Excellence

Nicholas and Evan have been working hard since taking over Kensington Dental Care in 2018. They firmly believe in the value, quality, and patient experience that a fully digital dental clinic can provide. In 2021, Dr. Edward Pitts joined the team, bringing a decade of experience servicing the Hyde Park and Adelaide Hills areas, with a shared commitment to high-quality treatment and exceptional patient care.

To meet the needs of the growing practice, the team has expanded further with the addition of Drs. Molly Connell, Thomas Jaccarini, and George Arraj. Each member of the team brings their passion and expertise to create a cohesive and welcoming environment.

Kensington Dental Care is proud to offer a wide range of dental treatments, including cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, teeth whitening, Invisalign™, veneers, emergency dentist visits, and root canal treatment.



By utilising the latest in modern techniques in digital dentistry, Nicholas, Evan, Ed and the team at Kensington Dental Care look forward to showing you the future of dentistry.