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Kensington Dental Care

What We Treat

Dental Treatments & Services

A well-balanced smile doesn’t just reveal your healthy, photogenic teeth, it also contributes to displaying your overall happiness. Unhealthy or aesthetically unpleasing smiles, however, can affect not only your oral health, but also your outward confidence and general well-being.

The Kensington Dental Care practitioners offer a broad range of dental treatments and services to rectify concerns such as tooth decay, dental plaque, pain, disease, oral cancer, infection, injury, or deformity. Additionally, the team also has extensive experience improving smile confidence and patient satisfaction through advanced cosmetic procedures such as Digital Smile Design.

If you’re considering dental treatment for aesthetic improvement or for your health necessity, Kensington Dental Care professionals can assist.

Types of dental treatment and dental services

Dental treatment and services can involve tooth extraction or filling, crowns, surgery for gum disease, teeth straightening, and aligning teeth, jaws and bite. It can also involve fluoride treatments, gum disease treatments, dentures or false teeth, implants or bridges, and dental surgery after dental injury.