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Kensington Dental Care

Family Dentist

The team at Kensington Dental Care understands how busy your schedule can be, especially with little ones, so while you attend your regular appointment, our friendly, expertly trained Oral Health Therapists can provide basic treatment for your child in an adjacent treatment room.

We also offer referral to specialist orthodontists and paediatric dentists for more complex issues your children may encounter.

Family Dental Health

Our general dentists practice gentle dental care and offer a personalised service. If you need a routine check-up for the entire family, emergency dental care, dental crowns, root canals, family dental plans, teeth whitening or treatment for gum disease, we can help. We offer cosmetic dental services and referrals to specialists for more complex dental issues your family may require.

Your Family Dental Clinic

We offer a gentle and informative approach to patients of every age, with their long-term health as a priority. Throughout life, dental concerns change, whether by choice or not, so all treatments must reflect a patient’s age and priorities.

Older patients may experience a greater impact on their overall health if dental issues occur, so continuing to maintain a high level of oral health for our older loved ones is essential. We are a family dental clinic that also caters for emergency dental appointments, dental implants, and other dental needs; contact us today.

Younger patients need to become familiar with correct brushing techniques and healthy lifestyle choices from an early age to encourage long-term habits.

We Care About Your Family’s Oral Health

Our prime focus is to provide care that identifies, treats and prevents all forms of oral disease in a family-friendly practice devoted to caring for patients of all ages. We endeavour to provide an excellent experience for every patient so that visits to the dentist are not something that causes anxiety.

Caring For Your Baby’s Teeth Means a Great Adult Smile

Your baby’s teeth are where good dental care begins. Many things can go wrong, from when babies’ teeth emerge to when the adult teeth show through, and these issues can mean a beautiful mouthful of teeth or a crooked/dark-toothed smile that can be bad for health as well as unattractive. For a better smile, keep your child’s teeth growing perfectly from day one to when their adult teeth appear and beyond.


Babies’ Teeth Need Expert Dental Care

It’s crucial that baby teeth get as much attention as adult teeth. It’s not a matter of thinking baby teeth don’t matter and don’t at least need a check-up because they fall out. It’s because problems can spread from the baby teeth to the secondary teeth and set your child up for a lifetime of dental problems.


Nip Tooth Decay and Other Dental Problems in the Bud

From when a baby’s teeth start to push through the gums at around six months to the time they have fully erupted teeth by age three, dentists can nip any baby dental problems in the bud.

So, as children grow and lose their baby teeth through ages six to twelve and their adult teeth appear on the scene, good oral care by experienced dentists is necessary to ensure they end up with a perfect set of teeth to last them throughout their adult lives.


Kensington Dental Care, Your Family Dentist

For healthy teeth, your family members may need comprehensive dental care, expert family dentistry and orthodontics to correct crooked teeth using braces for the desired results. They also need information about proper brushing techniques and perhaps some general dental work like fillings. Our family dentist team at Kensington Dental Care provides a caring environment and a comfortable experience, so the next visit won’t be anxiety-provoking. If you’re searching for “family dental plans near me”, contact us to book an appointment today.