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Dental Treatments & Services

A well-balanced smile doesn’t just reveal your lovely teeth while signalling your happiness. Your teeth and gums can affect your oral health or general well-being and cause physical discomfort.

Your Kensington Dental Care practitioner may recommend a dental procedure if you have tooth decay, dental plaque, pain, disease, oral cancer, an infection, an injury, deformity or other problems.

If you’re thinking about having a dental procedure or you’ve been told you need one, Kensington Dental Care professionals can help.

Types of dental treatment and dental services

Dental treatment and services can involve tooth extraction or filling, crowns, surgery for gum disease, teeth straightening, and aligning teeth, jaws and bite. It can also involve fluoride treatments, gum disease treatments, dentures or false teeth, implants or bridges, and dental surgery after dental injury.

Making Smiles Shine
Our prime focus is to provide care that identifies, treats and prevents dental and oral disease in a family friendly practice devoted to caring for all ages.