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Fix Loose Dentures

Have you ever experienced loose-fitting dentures? If so, then you’ll definitely know that uncomfortable feeling when they start to slip or hear that embarrassing clicking sound they tend to make. 

Without the proper care, loose dentures can lead to pain and discomfort like mouth sores, gum irritation and can lead to troubles when trying to eat and chew your favourite foods. In general, new dentures or ill fitting dentures, tend to become loose over time, so for many denture wearers, you’ll be able to notice when they start to shift or no longer fit properly.

Loose Dentures
If your dentures become loose, then book in with one of our dental prosthetists or dentists at Kensington Dental Care, so we can make sure you leave with dentures that are a secure fit and a smile on your face!

Many of our patients come to us when they find that their dentures are loose or are wanting a more comfortable, permanent solution to partial or full dentures (false teeth) that replaces all-natural teeth. 

At Kensington Dental Care, our All-on-4 treatment can be just the right solution for you. A fast, effective and cost-efficient way that replaces dentures by providing you with a permanently fixed set of teeth through dental implants.

The titanium fixtures are inserted directly into both the upper and lower jaw-bone, supporting a full arch of teeth. Using the All-on-4 treatment, only two dental implants at the front and two implants at the back are required to support an entire bridge of new teeth.

If loose dentures are untreated for a prolonged period of time, your mouth may be subject to discomfort and possible gum infections, so reach out to our team at At Kensington Dental Care and enquire about our All-on-4 treatment. Let us give you the confidence to enjoy your meals and smile again!

Loose Dentures
It is normal for a denture to become loose over time for both full or partial denture wearers. Regular six-monthly appointments at Kensington Dental Care are essential for all denture wearers.

Loose Denture Care

Loose dentures dentist consultation

Missing teeth and losing a tooth can impact the surrounding bone and gum tissue in the mouth, causing it to shrink. Ill-fitting dentures can be corrected in most cases. Taking into consideration the patients own dental health, and the amount of remaining bone in the jaw, and the surrounding tissue and conditions of the current denture. Even with good denture care, common reasons like everyday wear and tear can lead to the need of a brand new denture.

Options for Loose Fitting Dentures

Denture Reline

A dental reline is a process used to make dentures or partial dentures fit properly. As the fit of dentures might alter over time owing to changes in the structure of the jawbone and gum tissue, the goal of a dental reline is to restore the denture’s appropriate fit and comfort. This procedure is a short-term solution.

Dental Implant

A long-term solution that offers increased stability to gums experiencing bone resorption. Many patients find the investment of an implant outweighs the ongoing maintenance and discomfort that an ill-fitting denture can cause. Sometimes you can keep your old dentures but improve the fit with one or more implants for anchorage, other times a completely new set may suit you best.

Regular six-monthly appointments at Kensington Dental Care are essential for all denture wearers.

No longer feel uncomfortable when wearing your dentures that no longer fit properly. Let our dental professionals at Kensington Dental Care fix your loose dentures for you. Be back to feeling as good as normal again!

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