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Broken Teeth Treatments

Subconsciously grinding your teeth during your sleep? You probably don’t know you’re doing it, but the Kensington Dental Care team can determine this from a standard appointment. Teeth grinding is a common habit that can result in a broken tooth or several broken teeth if not picked up, particularly if you have been avoiding or missing dental appointments. 

Going through a stressful or anxious period can also create similar damage and wear to your teeth through repetitive grinding actions over time which will require broken tooth treatment. Dentists can easily spot the symptoms of a cracked tooth, even though you may not be able to see them. Kensington Dental Care offers excellent broken teeth treatments to restore your smile. Let’s crunch those nasty habits!

dentist doing a 3D scan
Going through a stressful or anxious period can lead to broken teeth through repetitive grinding actions over time. Let’s crunch those nasty habits!

Does Chewing Ice Crack Your Teeth?

Teeth may seem tough and sturdy since they’re covered in tooth enamel, but they aren’t designed to crunch very hard things such as ice. Chewing ice seems like a harmless thing to do, and many people do it. But it can easily lead to tiny cracks and chipped or broken teeth. Cracking ice with your teeth can cause damage that may require an emergency dental visit for broken tooth repair.

Is a Cracked Tooth a Dental Emergency?

A chipped, broken or cracked tooth may be a dental emergency, especially if you’ve broken the tooth below the gum line or you have a situation with the gum growing over a broken tooth. Leaving a broken or cracked tooth without seeking treatment invites decay and bacteria, leading to pain and discomfort. Emergency dental treatment may then be required to fix the broken tooth and remove the infection.

What Happens Next?

It is possible to keep living with a broken or chipped tooth. However, exterior damage may suggest further damage has occurred to the inside of the tooth. A split tooth, cracked or chipped teeth left untreated, can cause a buildup of bacteria to collect within the crack and lead to pain, infection and possibly an abscess which can lead to a broken tooth dental emergency.

Options to Fix a Broken Tooth

Dental sealants

Dental sealants on the back molars and premolars may protect your teeth from becoming infected or cracked and act as a barrier against bacteria.


A simple filling may suffice for small chips or breaks as a cracked teeth treatment.


For larger cracks and fractures, something that completely covers the tooth may be the best option for broken teeth treatment.

Dental Bonding

We understand cosmetic concerns as well as functional ones. If the broken tooth is visible when you smile, a tooth-coloured bonded material can be used to match surrounding teeth.

Root Canal

Your dentist may suggest a root canal to treat your broken teeth. The infection is treated, and then the crown is positioned to prevent the spread of the infection and further cracking.

Tooth Extraction

Sometimes, a tooth cannot be fixed, and removal may be required. See our Missing Teeth section for more information.

Let Us Take a Look

If you’ve recently broken, chipped or cracked a tooth, or if you’ve been living with one for some time, come and see the dentists at Kensington Dental Care.

At Kensington Dental Care, we proudly offer a wide range of dental care, including broken tooth treatment options and broken tooth repair, or if you’ve had a broken tooth after root canal treatment, contact us here for an appointment.

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